Jimmy Lindsay Where Is Your Love the movie

A promotional film for Jimmy's Where Is Your Love album released in 1980 this was before the days of the pop videos,if you saw Elvis the movie or Scum you would have also watched Where Is Your Love the movie, you can find out more about Jimmy Lindsay at jlmuk.com online music community

Jimmy Lindsay The Bitch Is Dead Video launch”

 Jimmy Lindsay The Bitch Is Dead Video"

Jimmy Lindsay The Bitch Is Dead Video watch it here first 22/03/14 thank you and welcome to our launch

Music Hive Record presents Jimmy Lindsay The Bitch Is Dead Video
Directed by: Jimmy Lindsay Produced by: Jimmy Lindsay and Eugene Smith
Sound track recorded by: Lloyd Fuller and Michael (Lally) Carey
Programmed by: Lloyd Fuller mixed by: Michael (Lally) Carey
Spy Austin: Bass, Milton Myrie: Bass and lead Guitar, Tom Leary: Violin
Produced by: Lloyd Fuller, Michael (Lally) Carey and Jimmy Lindsay
Published by: Jimmy Lindsay Music ltd

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