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A Birthday gift from JIMMY LINDSAY

UNITE YHE WORLD I was in the studio recording the Children of Rastafari album during the session the band decided to take a break and I stayed in the studio because I had an idea for a song which I started to write within a few minutes it was done and I called Lindel...

Jimmy Lindsay, The Story Of Easy FREE DOWNLOAD”

To receive you FREE download of The Story of Easy, go to our shop and click on Add to cart you will be taken to the product click on proceed to checkout Fill in the billing information confirm your order you will then see the billing page with your FREE download link...

Jimmy Lindsay Live and Fully Loaded DVD/CD now available”

L  http://youtu.be/TwWXBYDjIog The British Reggae award winning Artist Jimmy Lindsay performing songs from his classic Where Is Your Love and Children Of Rastafari album and a few songs from his historic past as lead singer with Cymand’e the seventies funk band...

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