Queens of UK Reggae


Event: International Reggae Day

Location: The Clapham Grand, 21-25 St Johns Hill, London SW11 1TT

Date: 1st July 2018

£25  for tickets in advance, more at the door

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Historically, there has been a history of female reggae artists, especially in the U.K., who have been recognised worldwide and for the most part they failed to be recognised or awarded globally.

Female reggae artists have the power to move reggae enthusiasts with their message and soulful passion. Whether you’re chilling out on a beach or dancing under the light of the moon, they will lift your spirits in hard times.

Many female reggae artists for variety of reasons have been forced out of the music business.

Over the last 4 decades female singers have not been able to become consistent hit makers like their male counterparts. From lover’s rock, dancehall, ska, reggae and beyond, these artists have nurtured their talent to success. They’ve inspired many including upcoming new reggae artists through their thoughtful lyrics and it is time to have their flag of recognition flown.

The MOBO Awards have let these artists down by not even categorising them on their award roster.

Female reggae artists are the hidden gems behind the culture and carry enough diversity and authentic talent to warrant recognition and celebration. Their lyrics make women have a strong presence and claim a large space in reggae music

Globally, reggae radio stations have consistently included them on their playlists to expose their natural talent, but they deserve a much better platform to showcase and be rewarded for their talent.

QUEENS of REGGAE MUSIC AWARDS 2018 offers the opportunity to finally recognise honour and respect them.

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